I Still Believe

Have you ever taken the time to listen to somebody's story? You will be amazed at how many struggles you have overcome with God and you will be able to see His power in everything. I work for a computer repair business and I have had clients come in before. I love taking the time to listen to their story and share a bit of my testimony as well as invite them to my church when they ask about it. Just by having a smile and being receptive to their stories I have opened up doors to minister to people without forcing my religion (and my wrist tattoos help open conversation).

A client that came in last month stood out to me. She came in with a computer that she wanted wiped clean of all files and programs. She was convinced that her ex-husband put software on her computer to track every keystroke she does.

We soon got off the topic of her computer and began conversing over our testimonies and stories. She asked questions about me and I told her about my Duel Degrees in Christian Studies and Psychology. I told her I ultimately I aim to become a Christian Psychologist in an inpatient facility that works with adolescent males or young adults males and specializes in depression, self-harm, drug abuse, and eating disorders.

Of course this sparked her curiosity in many ways. Why was I working at Geek Squad if that is what I wanted to do with my life? What happened in my life that motivated me to seek this occupation for my life? I shared a bit of my past and how God pulled me out of the valley and brought me to where I am.

This response was the impetus for her sharing her story. I sat and listened for a good half hour. She grew up with an abusive family, but had some background in Christianity. Now she works in law enforcement dealing with child abuse. She explained to me how she battles with PTSD and depression from both her abusive past and the abuse of children that she witnesses on a day-to-day basis.

She shared with me that she stopped believing in God for about 5 years.

"How could there be a loving God with all these children suffering? How could a loving God let me suffer; let them suffer? If there is a God, he sure isn't loving or He doesn't love me nor these children."

It was not until recently that she heard God calling her. She began attending church again and praying. She began talking with pastors concerning the aforementioned questions and acquired a better understanding of why there is pain and suffering in this world and yet God is all loving.

We concluded the conversation with her telling me, a complete stranger, that she is proud of my faith in God despite some of the things I have experienced, and she urged me that I must continue pursuing my calling. She told me that the field needs more people like me in it.

We finished our conversation and it was back to business. I asked a few more questions concerning her computer and ran a few troubleshoots and diagnostics. One of the final steps to checking in a computer is getting the password for the device. So, following routine, I asked her for her password.

A smile formed on her face and she said...


"I still believe, all one word."