Why I Left Seminary

This decision was anything but rash. I came to the decision to drop out of seminary after months and months of praying for direction. I loved what I was learning. I loved the assignments. I loved the school. I loved my classmates. Why did I feel such anxiety about remaining in seminary? Most of the theology went over my head. I was good at memorizing terms and phrases, but the different theologies just were not sinking in. I had homework that piled over my homework and I still had 2.5 years before I graduated, and that is assuming I did not drop any classes, which is very unlikely. I still feel the call to ministry, but I also have a call for counseling. More specifically, I have a calling for drug addiction counseling. I decided to apply to Grand Canyon University for my Masters in Drug Addiction Counseling and I got accepted. Recently, I was offered at job at GCU as a University Counselor. This means that I will be getting my masters for free as long as I am working there full-time. God opened doors for me to in a major way by getting this position. I will be able to pay off debt and get my masters for free. This was the icing on the cake to withdraw from seminary. I do plan on returning to seminary. When? I don’t know. It could be if I ever land a pastoral position or it can be once I’m done with my Masters in Drug Addiction Counseling. I do not know when, but I do know that one day I will finish my MDiv.