Waiting Is Not Doing Nothing

1st Samuel 16:1-13


     We see David’s early life. He was the youngest of Jesse’s son and he was a shepherd. At this point, God has rejected Saul as king over Israel, so He sends Samuel to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as the new king. Saul goes to Bethlehem to find Jesse so that he can find the next king of Israel. One by one, Jesse presented his sons. Eliab, nope. Abinadab, nuh uh. Shammah, negative. Jesse presented seven sons, but the Lord chose none of these. There was still one son left, but he was out tending the sheep. Samuel sent for him. The Bible describes David as “glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome features.” The Lord told Samuel, “this is the one.” Then Samuel anointed him and left for Ramah.

     How anticlimactic. David was anointed the next king, but Samuel just leaves. Although David was anointed, it was not yet in God’s timing for him to take the throne. He still had to prepare himself. God does not call the prepared but prepares the called. David had to wait, maybe even for years. Sometimes God tells us to wait. Waiting is not doing nothing. David worked on his music skills and slingshot skills. These skills God used later on. With his lyre skills, David became Saul’s designated musician to play when the evil spirit of God came upon him. With the slingshot skills, David slayed Goliath.

     David took his time of waiting as a time of preparation so that God could use him. Waiting is a time for training your skills. Not only that, it is also a time to learn about the character of God. Because of David’s confidence in his knowledge of the character of God, he was able to slay Goliath fearlessly because he knew God was with him.

     Wherever you are in life, be obedient to where God has put you. Do not be impatient and try to rush God’s perfect timing. Use your period of waiting to develop yourself so that God can use you in magnificent ways. Continue to develop your skills and your relationship with Christ. If you do this, you will see God use you in ways you can not even imagine.