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“Blind Man Given Eyes To See” is a riveting work of non-fiction that sees Nazarene theologian, John Fernandes, document his personal experience and life-long struggles against an array of terrifying psychological and medical conditions such as depression, Bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorder, addiction and alcoholism. The trauma from these conditions, along with the sexual assaults he suffered in the hands of trusted friends would later culminate into an attempt to take his own life, an act that lands him in a behavioral institute eventually.


While employing brilliant and descriptive terms, John Fernandes delve into the symptoms which characterize many of the conditions that had afflicted him for a long time, just as he offers practical and helpful guides for those that might be going through similar things. On his path to healing, John draws deeply from Biblical scriptures, while promoting a healing process that lay emphasis on the love of Christ, spiritual counseling and therapy, medication, taking responsibility, getting a mentor, keeping fit and learning to forgive. Crucially, all through the book he stresses the importance of people telling and sharing their story of healing!