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I'm Transparent, But Not Confident

 I have always been pretty open about my struggles with my mental health. This by no means is a demonstration of confidence. I always have the trepidation of being judged or getting bad feedback from being so transparent. Ultimately, I have seen time and time again how my testimony has helped people. Every so often, I share a bit of my testimony on social media or in a sermon. Every time I do, I have at least one person contact me later saying that they have been struggling with the same thing and it was refreshing to know other people do to. The devil likes to tell you that you are all alone.

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Dear Professor, I have Depression

Dear Professor

This summer, I thought that I was finally liberated from my depression since I had not experienced a severe episode of depression in a few years. Unfortunately, I was wrong. For several personal reasons that seemed to hit me one after the other like I was standing out in a hail storm, my depression was starting to settle in. I thought I had it under control, but it only got worse. I sought to combat it through therapy and meeting with my pastor, but that was futile. I tried to alleviate the ailment through drug therapy and antidepressants, but that was also futile. It gradually began taking a toll on my academia. It may seem at the moment like I am a bad student (in fact I think I am) but I promise I am not always like this. I don’t always skip class and I don’t always turn in my assignments late.

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